Sunday, January 29, 2012

Global Warming: Is it Real or a Hoax?

"If we continue to use, abuse and rape the earth and destroy her precious resources, eventually she's gonna get all hot and bothered!" - Cynthia

Most people I know disagree with me about Global Warming. They think I am crazy to fall for a bunch of ridiculous lies. They believe it's nothing more than a scare tactic conjured up by Liberals looking to get rich at the expense of gullible folks.  If the temperatures around the world are really getting warmer, they think it's a blessing because snow, ice and freezing temperatures are a big pain in the ass.  And, if there really is any truth to all this climate change business, it has nothing to do with humans. They didn't didn't cause it and there's nothing they can do to stop it.  It's simply God's will. As long as they can keep driving their big gas-guzzling SUVs, eat their McDonald's hamburgers, and sip water from plastic bottles, they don't really care. They laugh at me for being such a fool. "I've been duped", they say. Sadly, I believe they are the ones fooled into thinking it's perfectly okay to keep disrespecting and abusing the earth without a thought about the repercussions.

I'd rather be called a fool than be accused of burying my head in the sand............

This is not Global-Warming 101.  I am not going to give you a mini-crash course on the subject. Either you believe it or you don't. If you know nothing about it, look it up and decide if it's real or not. But honestly, unless you've been living a in cave, you've heard about it and have some kind of opinion. Anyone with half-a-brain knows something strange is going on.

So what are we going to do? Take action or keep sweeping it under the carpet? Pull the covers over our heads and hope it all goes away?  Or even worse, are we all so wrapped up in our lives that we don't even notice?

When we continue to abuse anything ( another person, our land, even our own bodies), it sends subtle warning signals. Then it begins to rebel and fight back. Eventually, if we continue to ignore the signs, it just dies. Our earth is in her rebellion stage. She is damaged and scarred and fighting back. Warning us to pay attention now or she will need to take even more drastic measures. We might not be able to heal those scars, but we can work to prevent further damage. Don't we want to leave something beautiful for our children? Or do we want to keep using and abusing and leave the mess for them to clean up? If there is anything actually left to clean up! Are we really that selfish? 

Every day I think about the world I am leaving behind for my children, my grandchildren and their children. So I try to do my part to respect and preserve what we've got now. I hope you do, too.

Can you make a difference? Yes. Educate yourself. Do the research. Support causes that protect our earth. You don't have to be a scholar or a scientist to see that something is happening and it can't be good. It's not too late to change. But someday, it might be.

Here is a resource for you:
Everything You Need to Know About Climate Change

And this is my Daily Cyn.........

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So YOU Think THEY Think They're ENTITLED?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I thought about dividing it into two parts, but I couldn't figure out where to end the first and begin the second. I do hope you will take the time to read it. This is  a sensitive subject for most but it is written with love and passion.  This is simply my opinion and I wish to express nothing but respect for those with ideas and beliefs that differ from mine.

Did I happen to mention I am back in school? Yup. I am friggin' fifty years old and a student again!  As if I didn't have enough on my plate already.  It's a challenge and God knows, I love a challenge.

I always enjoy meeting new people and I'm simply amazed at the strength, the drive, and the resilience of some of the students in my classes. They come from all different walks of life and a few of them have had a rough ride. Really rough. I'm the oldest (of course) and I can't help but act like a "Mother Hen"--gently clucking about and making sure they have everything they need: paper, pens, bus fare, lunch, a warm coat, gloves. I listen to their problems and offer advice.  A couple of the girls have babies and they proudly show me photos.

I am so humbled when some of these beautiful young ladies share details of their lives with me. I think I have problems. I don't know problems. When I was their age, my biggest concern was whether to follow my boyfriend to college in Chicago or pick a different school. I had so many choices back then and Daddy was paying the bill. I wasn't single and pregnant, disowned by my family, or living in a little room in the bad part of town with nothing more than a hot plate and a futon.  I didn't have to wonder how the hell I was going to care for alcoholic parents, attend school full time and work full-time. I didn't agonize over homework while trying to soothe a screaming infant. These girls worry about all that stuff and a whole lot more!

It's costing me an awful lot of money to go back to school. Some of the girls in my classes are funded by the state. What does that mean? Your tax dollars and mine are giving women an opportunity they could never afford on their own. Girls who might remain trapped in the system and cycle of welfare for years if not given this chance to improve their lives. I know I am going to step on some toes here and I very rarely discuss stuff like this.  You might be angry because you work hard but can't afford to send your kids to the school of their choice yet these girls get to go for free.  I hear stuff like that all the time. Some of you complain about welfare, food stamps, government programs and ENTITLEMENT mentalities.  But these girls; they are grateful. They're working their asses off so they can kiss Social Services and Public Assistance goodbye forever. There's not an entitled one in the bunch!  I am honored and blessed to sit beside them in class.

These girls thank God every day for public assistance and programs because without them, they might be homeless, hungry, unable to raise their children, and hopeless about their future or securing a better life for themselves and their families. Every single one of them is dead serious in class.  They want it all: careers, homes, marriage, family- things that most of us take for granted. Some of them have to use public transportation to get to school on time. One lovely eighteen year old girl puts her daughter in a stroller at 5AM every morning, bundles her up in coats and blankets, and walks in the bitter cold to drop her off at day care. After her daughter is settled, she walks to the train station and takes a train and two buses to get to class. After school, she does the reverse. She cooks dinner and bathes and plays with her daughter for an hour two before putting her back in the stroller to walk to the babysitter's house. Then, she hops on a bus to her night job at Burger King.  When her shift is over, she's back on the bus again to pick up her child, she walks home, gives the baby a warm bottle, and puts her to bed. Somehow, in the midst of her hectic schedule, she manages to find time to study and maintain above average grades in her classes.

Does she get food stamps? Yes.

Does she get some assistance so she can afford to keep a roof over her head and her child safe and warm? Yes.

Is she a lazy girl who refuses to work and expects me and you to support her and her child?


Would you believe some people actually have the audacity to accuse her of such because she receives financial assistance, food stamps and a housing allowance! Good, hard-working, Christian people!

I've never met a more dedicated girl in my life! She's alone. She has no family and she's only eighteen! How many girls her age do you know with such drive and determination?

This girl is going to be a success. I KNOW IT! Guess what else I know? We will most likely never hear about it or any other success stories about women and men like her.  Instead we will continously hear about the awful, greedy, lazy people who abuse the system at our expense!

My observation: the ones who can afford to pay are the lazy ones. They are spoiled young girls who don't give a darn if they pass or fail. They are wasting time and mommy and daddy's money fooling around all day.  They arrive to class late or unprepared time and time again yet they demand special favors and ultimately expect good grades!

 I hear constant complaints about welfare, food stamps and all these government funded programs that take from honest, God-fearing,  hard-working people and give to those who expect it but don't really appreciate it.  Perhaps we really need to take a good look at the other side! It's so easy sit in our big houses with our pantries overflowing with food and our take-out Chinese dinners because we're just too tired to cook. We listen to politicians and religious leaders talk about how our nation needs to turn back to God yet the majority of them strongly oppose programs that benefit the ones who need a touch from God the most: the sick, the hungry, the jobless, the homeless, the addicts and the young single mothers.  In other words, the poor and needy!

To be fair, yes, there are those who abuse the system. People with no intention of working yet have one child after the next and expect us to fork over our hard earned cash to feed them.  I hate that just as much as you do, but I think those kinds of people are the minority and not the majority. I believe most of them are just like you and me and some of these girls I've met in school-- hard-working, determined, appreciative.  Perhaps they've made a mistake or two or had a stroke of bad luck. Now they just need a bit of assistance to get back on the right path.  

I have no desire to sit here and pontificate just because I've rubbed elbows recently with few different types of people.  The experience is teaching me, however, that my personal convictions, what I fight for, and how I vote are right--at least for me.   Most of the people I know (myself included) have no idea what it means to really struggle. We might complain because we've had to cut back on fancy dinners, movies and shows. We choose to drink at home more often rather than going out on the weekends. Some of us have had to downsize to smaller homes or trade in our expensive cars with the hefty payments for more affordable vehicles. But that's not really struggling.  It's inconvenient and there's a big difference between the two!  We still have too much and I know I should be giving more of what I have to those in need.  Maybe we all need to spend a little time in the trenches to see how life looks down there. Before we start cutting programs or accusing others of having an entitlement mentality, perhaps we should get to know a few people who are actually fighting to keep their heads above water and need a little public assistance. They're just like you and me. They just don't know how they are going to feed their children or heat their homes. Sometimes, all they need is a little break. Honestly, how many of us would be where we are now if we hadn't been given a break of some kind? That's right.  Someone gave us break, a chance, a loan, a job, an opportunity, or a helping hand.  Thank God!

And speaking of God..............
Why is it that those working so hard to turn our nation back to God are also the very same ones in favor of cutting funding and government programs? They're against food stamps and free school lunches! Yet their kids can afford to buy lunch every single day. How can you expect people to turn to God when you refuse to feed them, clothe them, or provide shelter for them?

Even Jesus made sure his followers were fed!

In a perfect world, no one would be hungry, poor, homeless or jobless. Everyone would have what they need because of the generosity of others. But this is not a perfect world and most of us are not generous. We're greedy. Yep. Christians, too. That is why we need all these programs in the first place.  

 "If you don't work, you don't eat!"
 "God helps those who help themselves!"
"If people are hungry or homeless or jobless, it's their own fault because they're lazy."

I hear statements like these all the time.  Even people I know personally say them and believe them!. Some claim to be followers of Christ and are diligently praying for our nation to turn back to God.  Which God? Their God? My God? Or the God of the sweet little Islamic girl I sit behind in class?

I say, "Get real!"
Turning the nation back to God is not the answer!  .
God in us is the answer!
When we love and give freely without judgement, we are God's hands extended!

Jesus fed the poor and hungry when He was here on earth.  Multitudes followed Him, hoping to be fed. He didn't stop to ask, "Did you work today?" before handing out the bread and fish.
- Cynthia Parrott

I see God all over the place as I sit in class every day with people who would never be there if the opportunity had not been not given to them! Take away those opportunities and we take away God.

I will leave you with this:

Thanks for letting me vent.

And this is my Daily Cyn......

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Secret to Looking Good

The finest clothes.
The most expensive skin care.
Expertly applied make up.
The most fashionable hairstyle.
A day of beauty in the best salon.

All worthless...... 

True beauty comes from the inside out and it all begins with good health.

Your body is a temple. Your mind is a rare jewel. Your spirit is more precious than gold.

Start treating them that way.

Nourish and protect them with good things. 

Because nothing looks as good as healthy feels............

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ten Things to Totally Love About Winter

It's b-a-a-a-ck!  Winter. It's cold. We're pulling out the heavy winter coats, scarves, mittens and boots. The snow shovel is perched in a convenient spot-  ready and waiting. It's so chilly out there, I have to put on a jacket to drag my garbage pails out to the curb at night. I hate that!

Everyone is complaining about the cold. Cursing the snow, the ice, the inconvenience of it all. What's the topic of conversation with our friends, our neighbors, the person in line at the grocery store? Winter and how much we hate it!

I happen to love all the seasons. Yes, even winter, but sometimes I fall into the trap of constantly griping about the cold.  It seems wrong not to. If I don't have something bad to say about the snow or bitter cold, people think I'm crazy!

Truth is-- there are so many wonderful things to totally love about this season. We can literally talk ourselves into hating anything if we only see the negative aspects.

Are you tired of hearing yourself ( and everyone else) grumble and whine about winter? 

Here Are Ten Things To Totally Love About It:


Winter in Central Park
I can't think of anything more beautiful than snow. I love that peaceful hush after a freshly fallen snow. It's as if God tossed a fluffy white blanket over my world.  Everything looks so pure and clean. It only lasts for a little while so get out there and enjoy it while it's fresh. Take a walk down the street or through the woods. Listen. Look. Breathe in. Breath out.  What a glorious experience!

Snow Shoveling!

Don't curse it! WORK it!
No, I haven't lost my mind. Snow shoveling is EXERCISE! A 125-lb. person burns 180 calories shoveling snow by hand for a half-hour, according to Harvard Health Publications. A person who weighs 155 lbs. burns 223 calories during a half-hour snow-shoveling session. Someone who is 185 lbs. burns 266 calories per half-hour of snow shoveling. The rise in heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen uptake during snow shoveling are comparable to using a treadmill for the same amount of time.  Shovel some snow and you can skip the gym for the day! 

Snow Fun!

Skiing, ice skating, sled riding, snow boarding, snow ball fights, snowmen, snow forts, snow angels! Need I say more? Be a kid again! Get outside and play! Great for your body, mind, and spirit! And, there's that exercise thing again. You'll get a great work out with out feeling like you're working out!


Honestly, what can possibly be more inviting than a roaring fire? If you have a fireplace, a wood burning stove, or even one of those faux electric fireplaces, start it up! Sit beside it and savor the warmth it provides.  Enjoy the sights, the sounds and the scents. Sit beside the fire and read a book, meditate or take a nap. Gather the family together to play games or watch movies.

Faux fur, faux leather boots

Warm, toasty, comfy boots. Now is the time to wear them. Dressing for winter is so easy, especially for ladies. A big sweater, leggings, a great pair of boots and you are good to go! And because your toes will be in hiding for the next few months, you don't have to get those pedicures as often. Think of the money you'll save!


My dad always says, "Keep your head covered and you'll never get sick!" I don't know if that's true but I do know the majority of our body heat escapes from the tops of our heads!  So wear a hat.  It's usually considered poor etiquette for a man to leave his hat on indoors (at least remove it at the dinner table) but the rules are different for girls. Tuck your hair up under a great hat and you'll look fantastic and fashionable, even at the fanciest restaurant. The perfect solution to a bad hair day!

Comfort Food!

Homemade soup, chili, and baked casseroles. Winter dishes are easy. Put them on the stove or in the oven and forget them for awhile. Double your recipes and freeze them for another day. Talk about convenience. Our bodies automatically crave comfort foods in the chilly weather. Here's a tip: add warming herbs and spices like garlic, cumin, chili powder, turmeric, and cayenne pepper to your dishes. They help speed up your metabolism to burn calories and fat!

A Good Dose of Resveratrol!

I happen to love red wine but I never drink it in the hot weather because it makes me even hotter. A glass of chilled Chardonnay is nice on a summer evening but in the winter, I want something warming and a nice full-bodied red wine is so nice. I know there's been a bit controversy recently about red wine.  Possible Falsified Research On Health Benefits of Red Wine

 I still believe red wine does have some health benefits, namely Resveratrol.  You can get it in pill form, but where's the fun in that? There's something so magical about wine: the opening, the pouring, swirling it around in the glass, smelling, savouring, sharing it with friends. The whole ritual can be healing and you just can't get that from a pill. Sitting beside a roaring fire sharing a glass of grape juice just isn't the same. Sorry. Moderation is key and as long as you can drink responsibly, it's perfectly okay to enjoy an occasional glass of red wine.  If you don't like wine or wish to avoid it, don't despair.  Dark chocolate contains resveratrol, as well, so make yourself a mug of homemade hot cocoa.

Soaking in the Tub!

Who wants to sit in a hot bath in the summer? I don't. As soon as the cooler weather arrives, I set aside time to soak in a soothing bath at least once a week. It's healing and relaxing. It's my time to decompress. I pour a glass of wine, light candles, put on soothing music and indulge.  Even better, a romantic bath for two.....

And speaking of romance, here's what I love most about winter.........


In the hot weather, we tend to push people away but when it turns cold, we crave body heat. Snuggling makes us feel warm, safe and secure all the way down to our toes. Snuggle up with your mate, your kids, your pet. Wrap your arms around your lover and who knows? It just might lead to other great things, like sex.  I can't think of anything more healing, warming, or totally wonderful than that.

And this is my Daily Cyn........

Sunday, January 8, 2012

To Drink Or Not To Drink? That is the Question......

Some one recently had a real big issue with me. Why? Because I openly admit that I occasionally go out and have a few drinks. GASP!

Apparently, that's a big no-no for a Nutritional Consultant! I had no idea. While I certainly don't make a habit of going out and getting drunk, I enjoy having a few cocktails now and then.  I just don't over-do it and I don't drink and drive. EVER!

I am a Health and Nutritional Consultant.
Did I go to school for this? Yes.
Do I have credentials and certifications? Uh- huh.
And years of experience, too. 

I share my passion for health, wellness and nutrition with everyone I meet. I help people change their lives from the inside out- beginning with how and what they eat. Food is the foundation for everything!

Where does alcohol fit into all this? It's a personal choice. Some nutritionists believe that a few cocktails can be part of healthy lifestyle. Some say you should drink a glass of red wine every day.  Here's a good article regarding all that: Alcohol Can Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle. Others are completely against drinking any alcohol. I believe, having an occasional drink or two is perfectly acceptable.  Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to point of drunkenness on a regular basis and making poor choices as a result? A whole different animal altogether and never a good idea.

I love this little quote about drinking:

"Don't drink because you feel bad. Drink because you feel good!"

In other words, if you drink because you are depressed and feel awful about your life, you might want to reconsider and look for alternatives. Drinking might help you forget your issues for awhile but they all come back the moment you are sober. This is when drinking problems start and how the alcoholic is born.  You have to keep drinking to forget. To drown your sorrow.  That's harmful and dangerous. If you can't relax, unwind, or enjoy yourself without drinking, you might want to find out why. Talk to a therapist or a counselor. Alcohol never solves anything. In fact, over time, it can complicate everything.

The celebratory champagne toast, a beer or two at a BBQ on a hot summer day, wine with dinner, a Bloody Mary at brunch- perfectly acceptable. A Girls' Night Out and a few rounds of drinks? As long as no one is driving--lots of fun and a great way to spend a Friday night after a week of hard work. However, if you need to drink, it's probably best to avoid it.

Have I ever had too much to drink? Absolutely. Do I need to drink? NO! I never did.  I don't keep liquor in my home. Occasionally, someone will give me a bottle of wine but I can't remember the last time I actually bought one for myself. I do love adding a bit of red wine to my tomato sauce, if I have it in the house. Balsamic vinegar works well, too. When I do drink, it's usually when I am out with my friends or at a restaurant. I am careful, I limit my alcohol consumption and I always drink plenty of water. And....this is crucial: if I am having a bad day or if I am angry, upset or emotional, I never, ever drink alcohol!

Setting up rules and boundaries, knowing yourself and your limitations and honoring them (and demanding that others honor them, as well) are the keys to living a happy, healthy, successful life.

If you choose to embibe, it's totally your decision. It really doesn't make you healthier or less than healthy if you do or you don't. As long as you drink responsibly. And keep in mind that some mixed drinks are very high in calories so if you're trying to lose weight, you might want to stick with light beer or wine spritzers. I never tell my clients not to drink. I might suggest different choices if weight loss is their goal. If I suspect they have a drinking problem, I point them in the direction of a trained professional. That's not my area of expertise, although I have helped recovering alcoholics and drug addicts make healthier eating choices.  If my clients don't drink, I would never encourage them to start. 

Alcohol, in excess, is toxic.  So is coffee. Sugar. Chocolate. Potato chips. I've been known to indulge in those things a few times. How about you?  Too much of anything, for that matter, is toxic. I am not perfect. I never claimed to be perfect. The fact that I openly admit my imperfections is what draws people to me time and time again.

I might joke around that the key to my heart is a Grey Goose Dirty Martini. That happens to be my favorite drink. I don't drink them all the time and I can't drink too many. They're super strong and unless someone else is buying, they are expensive. Is that statement true? Nah....It's a joke. I want my life to be shaken (not stirred) with laughter. The key to my heart is humor. I am looking for someone who can make me laugh about life's silly imperfections. I mean really laugh. I will be his forever, with or without the perfectly blended martini.

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Little Post-Holiday Poem

‘Twas after the holidays and all through the house

Not a morsel of food left for even a mouse

I was cozy and warm all snug in my bed

Under the covers pulled over my head

I hit the snooze button, not one time, but five

I was awake but barely alive.

Visions of holiday bills flashed through my mind

I'd better get up and move my behind.

My muscles were aching, my stomach was churning

My head was pounding and my eyes were burning.

Time to get ready and shower and dress

I dread returning to work I humbly confess

I am tired and sluggish and moody and cross

The last thing I want is to deal with the boss.

I had a nice weekend, I should be more chipper

But I can't seem to manage to zip up my zipper

I gaze in the mirror and oh what a fright

I look pale and tired and my pants are too tight.

What will I do? What will I wear?

 Nothing looks good, not even my hair!

I reach into my closet and pull out the big sweater

That covers my butt- okay, now that’s better.

I head toward the door and remember too late

Tonight after work I have a big date.

I want to look good, smile and flirt

But there’s no way in hell I’ll fit into my skirt.

He can't see me like this so I pick up the phone

And leave him this message,"I have to postpone!”

Now I’m angry, frustrated and filled with such shame

But I know there's only one person to blame

I over did it this season as I do every year

Too many calories and way too much beer

I over-indulged in treat after treat

And never rejected invitations to eat

Cakes and pies and bottles of wine

I don’t even recall if I had a good time!

There’s a price to pay and I’m paying it now

I’m bloated and tired and as big as a cow.

I didn’t need all those cookies or a third piece of cake

And all of that eggnog - what a mistake!

I’m stretching the truth for the sake of this poem

But I've gained a few pounds and don't think I'm alone.

So now  it's back to my veggies, beans and tofu

Just like everyone else, I've packed on a few.

I have to admit my jeans are too tight

So when I'm finished with work-- to the gym tonight!

-Cynthia Parrott 1/2/2012

Did you know that most people gain about ten pounds over the holiday season? That’s ten pounds on top of the excess weight they’re already carrying!

Did you over indulge a little too much this season? Do you have a post- holiday recovery plan? If not, I can help you put one together. Contact me and let’s chat……..

And this is my Daily Cyn.......

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Could Be Your Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year! Never in my life have I been so excited to see a year end and a new one begin.

2011 was a very difficult year for me and my family. Those who follow this blog regularly have some idea. I've openly shared some details here. The real personal and heart breaking stuff, I've kept to myself. It hasn't been easy and the tough part certainly isn't over yet. It might even get worse before it gets better.

I also believe we are one step closer to happier days.

A friend of mine chose spend this New Year's Eve alone. I invited him to come along with me to an intimate gathering of a few close friends. He declined. I pushed the issue a few times but still he refused to move from his comfortable spot on the couch.

"I really don't care about the holidays and celebrating," he said. "New Years' just means the beginning of another crappy year for me."

"Well, it only be that way if you want it to be," I replied. "It's your choice if you want the new year to be crappy or not. It's all about attitude despite your circumstances. You have to leave all the bad stuff from last year behind and have faith to believe for better things!"

He mumbled a few choice words under his breath and asked me to stop with the "new age bullshit".

I could have kept going but I didn't. I left him alone with his bottle of Southern Comfort and I skipped off to sip champagne with my friends.

It's difficult to reason with a person in that frame of mind. I know his life is tough. Who's isn't? We all have stuff we would rather not deal with. It would be nice to trade a few of my struggles with someone else right now or turn back the clock to a happier time. That's just not possible. I have to deal with these cards life has handed me now and make the best of it. I can't sit around feeling sorry for myself or enter into the new year with a bad attitude. I would rather pull up my big girl pants, keep fighting, keep hoping, and look for the lessons along the way.

Cancer. Drug addiction. Car accidents. Unemployment. Debt. Theft. Alcoholism. Broken relationships. Death. These are just a few of the things that touched me and my loved ones last year. In just one year. It was as if we were being shot at with an automatic rifle.  It took every ounce of strength to keep dodging the bullets and patching up the wounds as quickly as possible. It was a difficult year. Make no mistake about it.

The one thing I refuse to do is carry all the negativity, sorrow, and pain of last year into my new year!

I certainly spent more time crying than laughing last year but in retrospect, I don't think I would change a thing. I've personally learned so much about myself and others. I've learned about life, love, hope, forgiveness. I learned about the strength of a tie that binds family and friends together. A bond that can never be broken. When things are just peachy, I tend to take all that stuff for granted. It's only when times get tough that I realize their true value.

I am getting together with family later for a New Year's Day dinner. My dad will build a fire in the fireplace and we all talk, laugh and play with the kids. After we stuff ourselves with good food and argue about politics and religion, I have a little exercise planned. I will be passing out paper and pens and I want everyone to write down the  things they don't want to carry into the new year. It can be anything: sickness, sorrow, pain, addiction, bad attitudes. Then each of us will toss those papers into the fire and watch them burn to ashes. They will be gone. Forgotten. Over. Done. Perhaps not physically. My dad will still have cancer but in his heart and mind he will be healed. And that is how he will find the strength to keep fighting. And that is how the rest of us will find the strength to fight right along with him. The same goes for everything else written down on our papers and tossed into the flames.

I challenge each of you to do this today. Take time to reflect on what you don't want to carry with you this year, write it down, and burn it. If you don't have a fireplace, toss your paper into bowl or an ashtray and light it on fire. Use an old coffee can to host the flames and watch your papers burn. Then forget it all. It won't be easy. They might creep up and haunt you. When they do, refuse to accept them. Remember that you burned them. They're gone. Forgotten. Over. Done.

You might think this is "new age bullshit" (like my friend) but I am going to say it any way:

If you believe this is going to be your best year ever, it will be. It really is your choice. You just need to have faith and decide not to take the pain, sorrow, bad attitudes, mistakes and failures of last year into your new year.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year filled with peace, love and joy is meaningless, if you don't have the faith to believe it will be!

And this is my Daily Cyn........